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Founded in early 2017 and located in Stockholm, Sweden. Visionarez focuses on photography, retouching and videography. We have worked mainly with local clients, but also have experience internationally. We do it all from ideas to post production and anything in-between to meet our clients needs.


When it comes to photography, we see details in everything. Product, portraits, architecture, food – you name it! To you it is a photograph, but for us it is art. Having acquired a degree in Photography from Kulturama 2015, we aim to capture your vision.

Retouch / Digital Imaging 

With an early passion for drawing, came the interest for retouch & digital imaging. By obtaining a degree from Fotoskolan STHLM as a Digital Imaging Artist 2017, it gives us the acquired expertise and precision to make your pictures look flawless.


Our passion for video and post production grew from photography. We film, direct and take care of the post production.  We are fully equipped and keep a high standard. So far we have worked primarily with music artists from different genres, creating their video content. But recently we delved into television, with our latest work being a commercial for Mathem.

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